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Outdoor Garden Decor- Decorating? Landscaping?


Open green spaces for your home are important, more so today than ever. With lives getting increasingly stressful, surrounded by traffic, buildings and a sea of people, outdoor living spaces offer the essential calm and balance to our existence. The outdoor living area, however, is often the most neglected; or worse, put together as an afterthought – a few garden chairs, a table and perhaps, some potted plants. Unimaginative, lackluster outdoor spaces tend to be uninspiring and hence unused. It is critical, therefore, to give as much thought and attention to their enhancement, as one might give to the rest of the home. It will not only make the area more appealing but also increase the property value. A comfortable, relaxing, inviting space will make your family and friends ‘want’ to spend time outside. Outdoor tables and chairs, a sun lounger, a barbeque, a corner seating space, a garden, have been done a million times over and are, frankly, clichéd. With just a little bit of creativity and innovative ideas, one can breathe new life into a backyard space. Here are a few novel ideas to consider: Glass House: Do you get stuck indoors every time the sky goes grey or the air turns cold? A Glasshouse from Sproutwell is a perfect way to make the garden a part of your living space, to bring the outside in. A Glasshouse is a superb blend of a greenhouse and an outdoor living area to relax and entertain in. Traditionally, a Greenhouse is a structure created to conserve and grow diverse kinds of vegetables, plants and trees in controlled temperatures, irrespective of the prevailing weather conditions. Today, however, today it is much more. It is multi-dimensional, that includes plants, vegetables, lounge furniture, a library, decorations and a place for a morning coffee. Seamless glass walls give you the feeling of being outdoors while being in. There are innovative quality structures and shapes to choose from with quick and easy assembly. A few pointers while making a choice –
  • Glass thickness (4mm toughened advised)
  • Strength of aluminium frames (Engineered Box Section)
  • Clean interior finish (Cover strips for a neat appearance)
  • Drainage (full gutter systems)
  • Customer support and after sales service (experts in the field)Cedar Hot Tub: A cedar hot tub is a terrific option to spice up the outdoor entertaining area. Whether or not one can have a swimming pool largely depends on the size of the available space and that of the pocket.A hot tub, however, is a more cost-effective and doable option. While a hot tub in the garden is customary, mounting it inside a Glasshouse will let you take a dip whenever you want, regardless of the weather outside.A few pointers while making a choice –
• Consult representative from Cedar Hot Tubs Australia to discuss the right model for your needs.
  • Pay attention to the flooring (level flat surface is best)
  • Electrical (avoid 3 phrase power)Sauna: Relax, rejuvenate and get fitter, all at the same time, in the comfort of your own backyard or garden. How? Build a sauna! The dry and wet heat sessions in a sauna make your heart pump faster, makes you sweat and shed extra salts and water. And voila! You emerge fabulous, fresh and fit.A lovely wooden outdoor sauna is your own personal retreat from the chaotic life outside. The best place for a sauna is a corner of your garden, so that garden layout is undisturbed.A few pointers while making a choice –
• Size and Shape- Traditional barrel saunas are the most versatile and can fit into most spaces within a backyard • Material- Cedar/timber is the most commonly used material for saunas. They have lower humidity levels and are cheaper than brick and mortar sauna rooms not mention they smell amazing.
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