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Navy Gardening Gloves – Bee Design


Elevate your gardening experience with our stylish gardening gloves – the perfect blend of fashion and function for the modern gardener!

Unmatched Protection: We understand that tending to your garden can sometimes lead to close encounters with prickles and thorns. That’s why we’ve crafted these gloves with care. They feature faux suede on the hands and neoprene on the arms, providing you with superior protection without compromising on comfort. Bid farewell to scratches and discomfort while you work on your green masterpiece.

One Size Fits Most: No more struggling with gloves that are too tight or too loose – our one-size-fits-most approach ensures that you get the perfect fit every time.

Designed in Australia: These stylish gloves are designed with love and expertise right here in Australia. Our designs are inspired by the natural beauty and diversity of the Australian landscape, making these gloves a celebration of both fashion and the environment.


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