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Buyers Guide

So, you’ve made the decision to buy a greenhouse… fantastic and congratulations! As you begin to investigate your purchase, you’ll find after researching all of the options Sproutwell Greenhouses are by far the most competitively priced for the designs and structures we offer.


Are you a beginner, hobbyist or professional grower? This is probably the most important question. The answer to this question will help determine size, cost and complexity of assembly. The number one regret, of most beginners is they did not buy a bigger greenhouse or invest their money on a good quality high performance structure.

Once you add plants, greenhouse benches and garden accessories your greenhouse quickly becomes very crowded. As you become more advanced and successful, you will want to increase the volume of your growing space. Upgrading to a larger greenhouse or not spending more money on a better quality product can be more costly down the road. Professional growers may require much larger, durable structure and complex environmental controls to better extend their growing seasons and production.


You will need to consider your growing zone and your local weather. Factors such as snowfall, wind, rainfall and temperature may help you determine which greenhouse to select. High snow and wind regions may require a more structurally sound greenhouse.

 Our Grange or Regalia Glasshouse Series as they have been Independently Engineered & Certified for Australia. It was a very costly and lengthly process to put these structures through the rigorous Australian standards approval process.Engineered Logo

In areas with extreme heat, you may want to consider a greenhouse with increased ventilation or shading options. Colder areas may require additional heat sources to extend the growing season.

If you live in northern NSW, QLD or WA our Shadehouse and Multigrow Greenhouses may be more suitable to your growing climate.


Utilising high quality materials in innovative designs that provide maximum comfortable growing space, Sproutwell® combine strength and durability to produce super strong aluminium greenhouses that stand the test of time and can withstand Australia’s ever changing weather.

We have three different ranges especially designed and manufactured to meet ‘our’ requirements and therefore our structures can only be be purchased through Sproutwell® direct or one of our approved stockists/resellers.

For those new to the world of greenhouse growing you can’t look past our Hobby Series. We have re-designed and developed this range to incorporate our new ‘grip, slide & lock’ system using a co-extruded barb within the 14mm deep channel. Garden Pro Frame

For those looking for a smart looking greenhouse that can withstand winds up to 120km you can’t go past our Premium Series. Designed with a full aluminium bar-capping system it is innovative and by far the most impressive structure when comparing to other styles on the market.

At the top of our range is our Elite Range which includes our well known 10mm Grange Series because of its unbeatable strength makes it by far the very best Greenhouse money can buy. If you require a strong, wind resistant semi commercial structure then this is the Greenhouse for you (up to 150km winds) You can be assured when buying from Sproutwell Greenhouses you’re purchasing products that are ‘made from high quality components, easy to install, latest design features & most importantly- The most competitively priced!

Whatever your circumstances are, we at Sproutwell™ Greenhouses are here to advise you on what products that will best suit your needs. We suggest you read through this helpful information and as you evaluate your greenhouse needs and determine the best greenhouse style, site, covering material and supporting equipment please feel free to call us on 1300 657 174 or via our contacts page with any questions you may have.


Many Greenhouses sold come with either single skin plastic or 4mm Polycarbonate Panels that use only 30% new materials, 70% Recycled or at most 60/40. Polycarbonate containing a higher element of recycled material is prone to discolour and crack more quickly in the sun. Although the may come with UV protectant majority are with a very fine layer which is no where near enough to stand up to Australia’s harsh sun.

All Sproutwell™ Greenhouses are supplied with either 6mm, 8mm or 10mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate Panels. They are crisp and clear (not milky or full of bubbles) this is due to using 100% Bayer raw materials with a higher than standard micron layer of UV protectant. You can therefore expect your panels to last (in appearance and functionality) for many, many more years than cheaper Greenhouses sold on the market.


There is a varying degree of quality when it comes to imported aluminium. Sproutwell™ use Aluminium Grade 6063 for all of our frames that is the main aluminium alloy that is used within the building industry.

The strength, design flexibility and corrosion resistance of this alloy is well in excess of the requirements of most major construction projects. By using this grade of aluminium, and our specially designed frame structures, our greenhouses offer longevity, high rigidity and stability and will maintain their new look for years. This is why Sproutwell can offer longer warranties over other greenhouse companies.


Every range has been thoughtfully designed and smaller components such as nuts/bolts have been upgraded to A270 grade stainless steel. All plastic end caps (ridge & gutters) etc have been UV stabilised to last.


Purchasing a Greenhouse is a large investment and one you want to get right. We strongly suggest if you’re considering a cheaper Greenhouse or are confused about inclusions, quality, assembly, then we urge you to speak to the company before buying. Many Greenhouses sold on the Internet are ‘generic off the shelf’ designs and many of those companies don’t actually know or understand what they’re selling. Majority have never assembled a Greenhouse nor do they specialise or have a complete range of accessories to suit.

Sproutwell® is a family owned and operated business and our aim is to see all of our customers 100% satisfied with their purchase. We are very transparent when it comes to showing the differences between our frames, panels, designs and assembly. Although we do point out certain design methods within the industry that differ from Sproutwell’s we demonstrate it professionally without focusing on any one product.


Why is Sproutwell’s® 10mm Grange Series so different to other 10mm Greenhouses on the market?

When we comment that the Grange is a “commercial” grade Greenhouse we are not kidding. This isn’t an advertising gimmick… it is fact.

It is very hard to photograph and showcase the differences via the web hence why people are blown away when they see it for themselves in person as its not what they were expecting.

It is by far the strongest, most ridged and best design for an easier assembly compared to any backyard Greenhouse found in Australia and New Zealand.


We advise against investing in older strip-lock bar-capping methods
which utilise PVC strips and silicon channels. Firstly, we’ve found over the years that silicon breakdown and won’t hold the panels (blow out in strong winds or known to shrink in high temperatures and the panels fall out). All secondary components will fade and look ugly over time.


We offer a number of different options when it comes to anchoring our different styles of Greenhouses. Our Premium & Elite ranges come with strong, solid box-section aluminium base profiles with heavy duty brackets.

In comparison to other methods which seem to use a very small thin L section profile Sproutwell are by far more advanced and provide a much stronger option (you can remove the door section in the Grange allowing for a no threshold option).

Dressing up your garden living space has never been easier.
Get started today.